How can we help?
Why do I need to be a member of a library to access Kanopy?
Kanopy has partnered with Whittier Public Library, whose generous funding has made it possible for you to watch thoughtful entertainment on your preferred device with no fees and no commercials. Start watching with your Whittier Public Library library card today!
I don’t have a library card
You will need an active library card from Whittier Public Library in order to access Kanopy. Click here to visit your library website and apply for a library card today!
I don’t remember my library card number or library card PIN
If you don’t remember your library card number or PIN, please contact your local library for support.

Contact Whittier Public Library for Help >
My library card is expired
You will need an active library card from a participating library in order to access the films on.

Contact Whittier Public Library to renew your card >
I want to find a different library
Let’s get you back on track! Find your library here